Punch Line: Pants down Review

Punchline.jpgPunchLine is a 2015 Spring Anime produced by Studio MAPPA the creators of

              Rage of Bahamut: Genesis                                  Garo: The Animationmappa2014splash

If I tell you that the hero of this anime gets super powers by watching girls panties and if he sees panties twice he dies and humanity gets destroyed  you would think that this is just an ecchi comedy and nothing more but i am here to tell you your wrong.

Anime Story

While traveling in a bus an accident occurs which results in Yuuta Iridatsus soul getting separated from his body. Guided by the spirit cat Chiranosuke he must find an ancient book in the apartment complex Korai House which can restore his soul into his body back. While searching for the book Yuuta discovers dark secrets about the Korai House and the Destruction of Plant Earth which may be all related to him.


To be honest when I watched the first episode back when it was airing in 2015 i got fooled also into thinking that this is just an ecchi comedy anime with supernatural elements to it and nothing more i added it to a long list of anime to watch. When the blu-ray got released i went back to watch it again. PunchLine starts out as a ecchi comedy and turns more serious the more you keep watching.  SciFi-Action-Superpowers-World ending are all in it and nothing feels forced it is well written show and nicely executed show.



The Music of Punchline could be described as wacky. The opening song is Punchline by Shokotan ♥ Denpa Gumi made exclusively for the anime is nice to listen to while watching the opening but it wont stick with you for long. The ending song is Honey Honey Honey by Ayumikurikamaki and its pretty forgettable. In episode 12 the song Yakusoku no Kanata By Amamiya Sora is Beautiful to hear. The BGM inserts do an okay job whether it’s a serious scene or a lighthearted one to put the viewer in the mood.

Impressing Visuals


At first glance no one would believe this to be Animated by Studio MAPPA The Show looks like nothing they had done before but that does not mean a bad thing in fact the show looks amazing with its bright vivid colors, tons of body and facial expressions add to the characters and fluid animation style you can feel that everything in the show is full of life and its pretty entertaining to watch. As Expected from MAPPA.

The Negatives

f889ee0b-5de5-4046-8146-d0f2ff4730ecWhile it may look like I am praising the show too much their are some negatives i wanted to discuss. Mainly is the Pacing of the show a lot of questions do not get any answers until you reach a certain point into the Story now I get that they were aiming for this with how it all worked out in the end. But viewers who watch Punchline on weekly basis are most likely to drop the show 3 episodes in. By that point the anime is still building the plot and nothing major happens. Another thing is the Fan-service it is heavily featured and it may cause some viewers to drop the show.



I really enjoyed Punch line with its wacky comedy, very good Art, and Solid story telling. I watched the whole 12 episodes in 2 days that is how much I liked the show. You should check it out. but I can clearly say it’s not for everybody.

Overall Rating: 8/10                                                                Recommendation: Watch it

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